Strategic Processes for Solving Difficult Problems

i5 Research is a company that gathers and curates information from multiple sources in order to solve difficult problems for organizations. We are a business to business support company that works to provide research summaries, information scans, and useful insights to its clients. Using a “design thinking” approach, we tackle difficult problems by providing new information and fresh thinking to move towards a solution.

Here are examples of some of the problems that i5 Research analysts have worked on:

What empirical research exists that can help us justify our business strategy?
Is our idea original? Can you find any examples of this idea existing before the present time?

Can you review our training programs and suggest how we can improve them?
What is coming next in our field? How can you predict the next 5-10 years for a technology?

Can you develop new ways of thinking about learning technologies?
What new tag line will best describe our emerging strategy?

Can you help us turn our face to face program into an equivalent online set of courses?
Can you develop an implementation roadmap for our new learning technology?

How do you write an effective marketing plan for an innovative technology?
Can you mentor our staff in order to move into the field of technology enhanced learning?

Do you have a difficult question for i5 Research? Please send it to us using the form in the next column. All serious questions will receive a brief answer and a quote for our services.